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About Us

Box of Shadows started as an idea between two eclectic witches who wanted an easier way to access supplies and guidance for their craft. They both lived in areas where options for metaphysical stores & communities were few. The stores that were accessible were pricey and lacking the community our new witches desired. There needed to be a convenient, community-centered way to bring craft provisions right to your doorstep. That is how Box of Shadows was born! 

Covenant of the Circle:

For Pagans, By Pagans

Box of Shadows was created by pagans and is committed to making sure that our Circle Members are actively a part of the Box of Shadows experience. Subscriber feedback is an essential component to making Box of Shadows a successful community.

The pagan community is going through a great insurgence of new witches right now. We aim to be a resource that focuses on the ever-important path to continued growth over outward aesthetics. 

Craft Tools on a Budget

Before Box of Shadows was even a concept, our eclectic witches used to commiserate about how expensive pagan tools and supplies could be. Then, we decided to do something about it! Our goal is to provide the best tools available while helping our Circle Members save money in the process.

Reverence for Mother Earth

Respect for our planet is a fundamental belief in most pagan traditions. Because of this, we choose packaging that is eco-friendly and/or biodegradable whenever possible. Our inserts are also printed on recycled paper. 

Circle Members receive a gentle monthly reminder from EcoEnclose to reuse or recycle our boxes. Please visit the EcoEnclose website for more information on sustainable packaging. 

A Note on the Usage of Sacred Herbs:  

We are well aware of the closed practice of smudging and how the overharvesting of certain sacred herbs has impacted indigenous peoples and the environment. With respect to this, the smoke cleansing tools we offer are sourced from a well-vetted, local distributor. 

We also do not refer to herb bundles as "smudge sticks" in our printed media. As our Circle grows, we've ensured that all of the herbs we offer are sourced ethically. We have even gone as far as breaking relationships with vendors who are not transparent about their product's source. 

Supporting Our Community

At Box of Shadows, we consider ourselves a heart-centered business. Our mission is to bring light to our customers and our community by supporting other heart-centered businesses. By sourcing our box contents from our community when possible, instead of going through a wholesaler, your products come to you full of light and love.

Take A Look At Our Offerings! 

The Initiate

...for The Beginner

 $31.99/month + S/H 

Created with those new to a pagan path in mind. This box features essential supplies, altar decor, introductory books, and basic rituals. 

Contents are tailored to new Seekers, to help create and maintain a practice that fits any lifestyle. 

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Never run out of your essential supplies!

The Priestess

 ...for The Explorer

$39.99/month + S/H

Inspired by those seekers who have a grasp of the basics but wish to explore many paths. 

Our Priestess offering encourages constant pursuit of knowledge and understanding while providing the necessary tools to explore each theme.

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Great for Seekers unsure of their path!

The Supreme

...for The Advanced Seeker 

 $49.99/month + S/H

Conjured for the seasoned, the Supreme subscription guides Seekers through the Wheel of the Year; turning knowledge into practice. 

Themes of this subscription are curated to follow Sabbats, Esbats, astrological occurrences, festivals, and other celebrations.

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Follow the Wheel of the Year!

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