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What's Inside? 

Once an offering is selected, Circle Members receive a monthly restock of supplies.    



...for the Beginner

$31.99/month + S/H 

Created with those new to a pagan path in mind. This box features essential supplies, altar decor, introductory books, and basic rituals. 

Contents are tailored to new Seekers, to help create and maintain a practice that fits any lifestyle. 

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...for the Explorer

$39.99/month + S/H

Inspired by those seekers who have a grasp of the basics but wish to continue spiritual exploration. 

Our Priestess offering encourages a constant pursuit of knowledge and understanding while providing the necessary tools to explore each theme.

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For Seekers unsure of their path!



...for the Advanced Seeker

$49.99/month + S/H

Conjured for the seasoned, the Supreme subscription guides experienced Seekers through the Wheel of the Year; turning knowledge into practice.

Contents of this subscription are curated to follow Sabbats, Esbats, astrological occurrences, festivals, and other celebrations. 

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For Seekers who've been practicing for some time.

We ship a 4" bundle of chime (ritual) candles and a smoke cleansing tool of some type (sage, palo santo, etc.) with each box quarterly (January, April, & September). 

Additional supplies can always be acquired in the Box of Shadows Apothecary

Circle Members also receive a carefully crafted informational insert in each box. Our extensively researched inserts outline the items in each box and their uses/correspondences. Along with practical tips, rituals, recipes, & resources designed to facilitate an ongoing and consistent monthly practice.

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