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Product Description

Hoodoo is a form of African-based folk magic born through spiritual traditions that survived the horrors of the Middle Passage and Trans-Atlantic slave trade. These traditions, protected & passed down in secrecy, aided in the survival and eventual liberation of African slaves across the diaspora. Today, Hoodoo is experiencing a revival and is being reclaimed by the descendants of those enslaved ancestors. Hoodoo (or "rootwork") is a practical, root (plant) based magic that digs deep to affect change. The results are fast, profound, and healing. Each candle has a unique spell to start from, but, of course, you are encouraged to add your own words to make them personal.

Road Opener - A deep blue candle with a cleansing juniper blend. Layout the path before you. Clear it of obstacles and open the road ahead to a smooth journey.

High John the Conqueror - A deep dark purple candle with an uplifting patchouli blend. The legend of High John goes all the way back to Africa and was the first root used for Hoodoo in America. This is a powerful magic that continues to be used for success over any obstacle, male virility, trickery and getting your own way.

Fiery Wall of Protection - A fiery yellow-orange candle with an earthy pepperminty scent. Provides protection from the evil eye and the harmful intentions and thoughts of others. Those that wish harm end up burned by their own actions.

Scales of Justice - An earthy brown candle with a balanced woodsy/floral scent. Weigh the scales of justice in your favor. Make all figures of authority sympathetic to your side.

Each 2 x 4 pillar burns for 40 hours.

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