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BWA Module I: Clearing Spaces


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Our first ever LIVE Witchcraft 101 class!

An introduction to cleansing & raising energy, why spiritual cleansing is essential, and how it can help us create space for positive energy to flow.

This course will emphasize the importance of developing a regular spiritual practice and connecting with our intuition, leaving students with the practical knowledge needed to feel confident as they progress on their spiritual journey.

This class will meet on Monday, March 27th @ 9pm EST. Students are expected to attend live and set aside one hour to absorb the lesson in its entirety. The class will be recorded and sent to attendees for review purposes.

Cleansing rituals: This section will cover different types of cleansing rituals, such as smudging with herbs, using sound (e.g., bells or singing bowls), or creating sacred space through visualization or intention-setting. Students might learn techniques for creating their own cleansing rituals and how to adapt them to suit their individual needs.

Energy Work: This section will cover different ways to raise and direct energy, such as breathwork, movement, chanting, or meditation. Students will learn how to use this energy for healing, manifestation, or spiritual growth.

Crystals and other tools: This discussion will explore various tools for cleansing and energizing, such as crystals, candles, essential oils, or tarot cards. Students will learn how to choose and work with these tools to enhance their spiritual practice.

Read the FAQ here. More classes TBA soon!

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